RAF Portreath Fire Simulation RIG Refurbishment 2014
During the final quarter of 2014 we under took a huge refurbishment programme on behalf of our Brigade colleagues at RAF Portreath in Cornwall.
The fire Simulation Rig we have been working on for some time needed an extensive modification programme and a full make over. After a
gruelling 4 weeks of hard work by a team from Fabrication and Site Services UK along with help from the guys at Portreath saw a finished rig to be
proud of.

The end result after much hard work was as you see in the series of images below. All involved have created a unique training facility at Portreath
that will without hesitation offer valuable training to our fire fighters.

The word is spreading like a wildfire, and as a direct result many  UK Brigades are adopting fire rigs like this one we have created to offer realistic
scenarios to fire fighters.

Local Councils are educating officials into seeing the possibilities of purchasing ISO shipping containers to assemble rigs such as this one at
Portreath. Some of the simulations fire fighters practice are extinguishing major fire incidents contained within the shipping containers.  With built in
stairs, walkways, ladders, trip hazards, windows, flash over dens these are so unique and a very useful tool.

Within the Fire simulation rigs made from Shipping Containers, fire fighters can undertake many courses, learn and be educated into many life
saving roles. Having the knowledge and ability to control internal fires, deal with zero visibility, smoke and simulated rescue makes this option
Many of the officers we dealt with have commented on how realistic and how this is the only way to teach “on the job without actually being on the

Please take time to look at what we have created in the image library and see for your self just how dynamic and realistic we can create these rigs.

“Our gratitude to all fire fighters for your brave work in saving many lives”
RAF Portreath Fire Simulation RIG Refurbishment
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